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[8th floor] | Gottlieb-Dunkel Strasse 43-44 | 12099 Berlin

as a
creative process

Transmediale Vorspiel 2016
Exhibition View
  • Decalque:imagemtempo [Rodrigo De & Judith Nagel]
  • functioning chatroom [Noam Braslavsky]
  • A portal experiment [Moana Mayall]
  • functioning chatroom [Noam Braslavsky] & The supplement to the 28X1209/2012/13 set [Karíma Al-Mukhtarová]
  • how to make human machine readable [Christian Heck]
  • Decalque:imagemtempo [Rodrigo De & Judith Nagel]
  • Opening View
  • The supplement to the 28X1209/2012/13 set [Karíma Al-Mukhtarová]
  • Opening View
  • The supplement to the 28X1209/2012/13 set [Karíma Al-Mukhtarová]
  • Stefan Röslmair
  • Error 404 [Roi Weinstein with Stefan Röslmair and Shiran Eliaserov]
  • A portal experiment [Moana Mayall]
  • Opening View: The supplement to the 28X1209/2012/13 set [Karíma Al-Mukhtarová]
  • how to make human machine readable [Christian Heck]
  • Opening View
Pictures by: Uwe Ahava Photography's

press article about syntax error: BERLINARTLINK

Only humans communicate through symbols. According to Flusser, we speak hereby of “unnatural” communication because the “natural” transmission of information would aim for a transparent, understandable exchange of messages. Though an art work represents in its aesthetic coding actually a communication barrier because it rather hides than spells out clearly its meaning. Schlingensief said: "Art is only interesting when we are facing with something that we cannot completely explain.“ In this paradoxical tension between the symbolic displacement of reality and the urge for its cognition are standing and being created myriads of failed systems of human codes. The exhibition undertakes an artistic dialogue between six artists, and a seventh, whose performance is pointed directly at the visitors. It shows how false understanding creates new originals and new spaces of meaning. Errors and misunderstandings enlarge our world, what means: the amount of information grows. By ambiguities arise new knowledge and spaces of meaning. The exhibition shows three conversational situations of artists through their works and invites visitors to intervene and to continue the discourse in his own understanding.

Opening event 16.1. Saturday 7pm -- Opening 9pm - Perfomance - Decalque:imagemtempo #1 [Rodrigo De & Judith Nagel] 10pm – The Rise Of The About:Blank [produced by Yuval Jacob Zalk] 10 pm - 12 am - Jim Cassady & Pablo & VJ João Paulo Comazzi 12 am - 02 am - Rasmus (Sweden) & VJ Alexandra Macia (Spain) 20.01.2016 9pm - Experimental concert - STAMOU//SCHICK [Ignaz Schick & Tasos Stamou] Closing event 21.1. Thursday, 6pm 7pm - Perfomance - Error 404 [Roi Weinstein with Stefan Röslmair and Shiran Eliaserov] 8pm - Perfomance - Decalque:imagemtempo #2 [Rodrigo De & Judith Nagel] 9pm - Experimental concert - Multiple-Errors [Damn Jan, Rodrigo De, Beth, Joel Holmes, Stefan Röslmair] Main exhibition 17.1.2016 – 20.1.2016 from 6pm – 10pm Participating artists:
Noam Braslavsky

functioning chatroom

The work parodies contemporary communication in two ways.
On one hand, it translates the contemporary understanding of conferencing as a microcosmic 
installation into the analog space: three participants can talk to each other by putting 
the head into a ball, isolated and from “different points in the outer space”. 
Through the complex non-functioning media equipment inside the sphere, visitors are directly 
manipulated to discuss functionality.
On the other hand, the work simulates a non-functioning media installation 
(as it is often found in exhibitions) and sees itself as a monument to this phenomenon in art.

Karíma Al-Mukhtarová

The supplement to the 28X1209/2012/13 set

Karíma Al-Mukhtarová's artworks are in some way similar to error or noise in the digital code 
as a direct non-semantic experience. Her objects and installations are based on the manuals, 
theses or other ideas but final result is objective situation. Our feelings from the artworks 
arises mostly from their materiality and its qualities. Conceptualist origin is metamorphosed 
into sensual experience, connected with unexpected encounters of materials and functions.

Christian Heck

how to make human machine readable

Before a machine is able to pre-interpret the technical image of man - for me - 
the respective man has to be made readable for it.

Technical images are always produced through the operations of an apparatus: the respective machine. 
Therefore, I create a distance to the machine through glitches to create a higher awareness.
I let the machine itself 'come back into view' through manipulations of it's respective pre-interpretation of man
through the technical image itself. 
"Nobody cares how it works as long as it works." (Matrix Reloaded, 2003)

Rodrigo De

decalque:imagemtempo concebe o tempo não mais como uma linha, 
mas como um emaranhado. Imagens que se caracteriza pela ruptura do “elo sensório-motor”, 
pelo mimetismo da aparição de situações óticas e sonoras “puras”. 
Onde “o passado e o presente não designam dois momentos sucessivos, 
mas dois elementos que coexistem: um, que é o presente e que não pára de passar; 
o outro, que é o passado e que não pára de ser, mas pelo qual todos os presentes passam. 

decalque:imagemtempo conceive time not as a line, but as a tangle. 
Images which are defined by the breakdown of a "sensorimotor link" 
and mimicry of the appearance of "pure" optical and sound situations. 
Where the past and the present are not designated as two successive moments, 
but two elements that coexist: one, which is the present and that does not stop moving; 
the other, that is the past and continues to be, but by which all present passes. 

Moana Mayall

A portal experiment takes place through personal experiences and interdisciplinary 
approaches connecting two remote territories. 
One is Complexo do Alemão (=“complex of the german guy”/ “german complex”), 
a group of 16 favela communities located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 
and the other is Berlin, Germany. The way I inhabit Alemão, being now in Berlin, 
and vice versa, as a sort of stranger in both places, leads me to some other kind 
of “territory”, yet to be explored as both places relate and talk to each other, 
as they recombine or remix in voice, image, imagination, history and fiction: “synchroni-cities” in progress…

Roi Weinstein
with Stefan Röslmair and Shiran Eliaserov

Error 404 

In the flicker of a cyber blink the non- space between the hypermedia performance 
and an alive happening one can easily miss the 404 error. 
the 404 is a computer respond that transformed and crossed over to represent a human condition.  
as such it represents the new, unexplored, may b even un aware semantic fields in which we presently communicate . 

the audience will be invited to take active part in the performance.