...is written in pure data

				...a running process (dynamic patch in real-time):

the object “set-new-line” try to connect the “CPU-Time” to transform the time into coordinates 
and set a new programming-line on this place:

if in one line, not every messages and objects are connected
and the bang reach the last object in it
nothing happens:

but if yes

then he set a “clear-canvas” object:

and if the clear-canvas object get's a bang
it start's again...
every two minutes, the two moving-objects stops and it comes a signal for the question:
“do you like that image?”

there is a reason for....:
if you start to see (or if you are forced to see) a process as an image you transform it with your perception 
and going to kill the process

a new canvas open:

the computer is shutting down.....
….and restart..... a new process

(some shell-scripts are controlling the processes)