(the) creation of images                        regardless of which form                                changes(;)
(it) changes                 our view of a world                                                of
our world (>>SPACE>>) whose image                 everyone is carrying                 himself(.)

world         my ever-widening image of the world                                        and(DELETE>> that<<)

this                                 my image of the world                    constantly and continuously changes

i mean                the reason itself                                 that                  the world is constantly changing                                                                                                 right now

(is)exactly this         (the) originality (OR>> disposition<< OR>> character<<) of nature        

                                                                refuses the illusion         of a static image


he constant natural(DELETE>>ly<<) change in the world        

                                the constant natural(DELETE>>ly<<)  change of the image of the world                                 of                 my                 world


(DELETE>>this change<<)                is changing                not only the image                 of my world                

but me                         the image         of                 myself                                        (DELETE>>and<<)               

        do I change the image of myself                        (do)i also change the image of my world

do I create images                 which change(DELETE>>s<<) myself               

                        (do) i create images         which change(DELETE>>s<<) the world

                (DELETE>>and<<) not only artists create images

                (RECONSIDER???>>and the image itself is formed by

                                                        no<<???OR DELETE?)             also images create artists
are mutually dependent.


(DELETE>>and<<)                     an image of an artist                        is not really an image of an artist

(DELETE>>no<<)                     an image of an artist                 is                        an image of (a) human

                                every artist is a human                        as we all know


(DELETE>>and<<)                                                                  the image of (a) human

                                                                                the image of an artist                                                     are mutually dependent.

The image of the artist                                                is the image of (man) human

and         every human is an artist.


if                i change                 my image of my world,
i change                 my image of myself,

(if)                i change                 my image as an artist in the world,
i change                 my image of artists in the world,(and)
i change                my image of humans in the world

                i change.

f                 i change                 my image of humans in the world  
change                my image of human worlds.

(if)                i change         and thats                 what  Im doing                 right now               

i change                 not only(>>>>SPACE>>>>)  my Image         of humans in the world         of        human worlds
no                i
change yours as well                                                right now.


if my picture         of         my world                 changes                your         picture of                your                 world
(DELETE>>and<<)                 as an image-maker                you should be really                 aware                 ! of
you should be really                 conscious         ! about



do not         only create images                 we                         create worlds

and everyone creates his own world                                                again and again and again                and everyone does this                        right now.

change because we are human         because we are (???>>the/part of the<<???) world               

                                                                and I write this with consciousness
(be)cause I do not believe         that        we are (an) image of  (a) human        &        (an) image of (a) world

but I (REPLACE>>think>>WITH>>believe <<)                 that one of them                 does not exclude the other


(DELETE>>does<<) everyone                 creates                 his own world                 right now
so                        he
is (REPLACE>>gonna>>WITH going to<<) change the world                         right now.
                single                 one                 of                 us

but(>>>>SPACE>>>>) not everyone in this world has the right                                 to create images
though                 this right                 is                        a fundamental right of        people

                                                                                not everyone is allowed to
(though) everyone does                 it                everyone changes (be aware;)                 every day

well                        of course        (DELETE>>he does<<)                         he does it constantly                

and mainly he does it                         right now                 and he does it                 because
is alive

but not everyone in this world has this right                         the right (REPLACE>>of>>WITH>>to<<) change
right to live    in this world
(RECONSIDER>>not    everyone is allowed to<<REPEAT)
(DELETE>>and<<) one        of (the) several justifications of this prohibition
and a thereby gained right                 namely                 the right to kill
  to kill                 consciously

                                                                                                        or not

                                                        that are images. (?????>>>the right to createimages<<<???)

                                it (WHAT?) is                         the seeing of images                         as images
only        as images
and                we do so                 every time                        we make                 an image of (a) human        

                                                                out of a (DELETE>><<)                 human being

or                         even worse

                        when we hide                       

                                                the human being               

                        ­                                                        behind                 the image