work in progress


In the beginning was the Word

Re - In the beginning was the Word - is one Sculpture in two Parts

# Part_1

...there are two little Solarpanels, on each arm of the Sculpture one of them. a little Motor is under the Feeds. the Motor turns the Sculpture, so that the Middlepoint is always in direction Sun. the Face of the Scultpture is following the path of the Sun re

# Part_2

re one Cube 50x50cm (64 solarpanels) + one Arduino-Board + LED-Display re the cube is transforming the sun-energy into electricity this gives the Power (without Battery, so a direct Transformation) to the Arduino-Board what is an Arduino?? see: at the Moment i am writing a software for the Arduino which transforms this Electricity into ASCII / into Text in Realtime it is based on the Software tmka i wrote last year in Bash. the Text will be streamed in Realtime to the LED-Display... re re