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    tmka |is| the 3rd part of  KUNST-WERK-ZEUG	 the practical part of it

    The first and the second part 	KUNST-WERK
    tries to make images and words readable in different languages,
    tries to call the power of images into question, 	images as images, 	as ideas
    tries to make visible 	   the connection between a piece of art, the KUNST-WERK
            and the tools for making it, the WERK-ZEUG, 		the process.

    tmka is the third part, is the 	ZEUG
    tmka transforms Words into Images and Images into Words.


    if you are running on UBU-ROI.iso, then everything is configured and installed
        and you can start directly

    if you downloaded tmka from
        then you have to preinstall the following dependencies:

	an - Anagram generator → download the tarball:
                                 (if you run on Ubuntu or Debian, you can install it with apt-get:
                                  $ sudo apt-get install an)
        normally the following tools are already installed on your Linux,
        if not you can easilly install it with your package-manager (apt-get f.ex.)
                ImageMagick - software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert images
                hd - ASCII, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump
                cut - remove sections from each line of files
                sed - stream editor for filtering and transforming text
                xxd - make a hexdump or do the reverse.
                pv - monitor the progress of data through a pipe
                poppler-utils - for using the command pdftotext
                libnotify-bin - for using the command notify-send
        or just copy the following line, paste it into your Terminal, and see what happens ^_*:
                sudo apt-get install an hd pv xxd libnotify-bin poppler-utils imagemagick

        1. Save the script in your homefolder as
        2. Open a Terminal-Window
        1. Make the file executable: type           $ chmod +x
        2. Run in a terminal window: type   $ ./
        3. Drop a Textfile or an Imagefile from your Harddisk into the
                terminal window, running tmka and press Enter

    Running UBU-ROI.iso:

        open a Terminal, type > tmka <  and press [ENTER]


        go to: Anwendungen > Multimedia > tmka         

    tmka is able to transform this Formats >> *.pdf *.txt *.jpg *.gif *.png *.tif *.bmp


     tmka is tested only on Ubuntu >> Lucid Lynx - Oneiric

                the script have only the main-functions.
                        for using tmka with all features, you have to download the UBU-ROI.iso


    Copyright (c) 13.06.2011 Christian Heck

    Copyleft (ɔ) this work of art is free,
          you can redistribute it and/or modify it according to terms of the Free Art license.

    You will find a specimen of this license
        on the site Copyleft Attitude as well as on other sites.

        You are free to copy the work

        You can distribute the work (share it)

        You are free to modify the work and distribute your new version

        You can incorporate the work into a larger work of your own

        You can make money based on the work

        You can do all these things automatically, without asking permission,
            and without paying me for the privilege.

    In order to take advantage of these freedoms, however, you must satisfy a few requirements.

        1) When you share the work, or a modification of it,
            you must include the Free Art License 1.3
            or a clear link to the license with the work.  

        2) If you modify the work,
            your new version must also be licensed under the Free Art License 1.3.  

           This is the “share-alike” concept.  
           You are free to change and make additions to my work,
            as long as the new work is also free for everyone to share and use.

        3) If you distribute modified versions,
            you must make it clear that the new version is a modification.

SEE ALSO to see some examples, made by tmka