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Education 02.2018 – ... Doctoral programme, Dr. phil. in "Experimental Informatics" Academy of Media Arts Cologne 10.2013 – 07.2015 Postgraduate M.A. Course “Art in Context” University of the Arts, Berlin 10.2009 – 02.2012 Diploma in „Sculpture / Media Art“ Academy of Fine Arts, Munich 09.2006 – 07.2009 BA in „Mixed Media“, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten AKI, Enschede, NL 07.2002 – 06.2005 Technician in "Renewable Energy Technology", Berufskolleg Reckenberg, Rheda- Wiedenbrueck, Germany  _______________________________________________________________________________

Artistic / Academic Staff for aesthetics & new technologies and experimental informatics in exMedia @ Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln Running the exMedia Lab together with two colleagues Talks / Workshops / Seminars ... selection: Se WS-2019/20, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Future Minds – Kritik Künstlicher Intelligenzen - together with Georg Trogemann Wo 2019, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht Se WS-2018/19, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Einführung in die Programmierung künstlicher Intelligenzen - together with Georg Trogemann Se SS-2018, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Material und Algorithmus - together with Christian Faubel Ta/Wo 2017, Institut für Kunst im Kontext Berlin, Talk & Workshop „Artistic Freedom & Privacy on the Web“ Ta 2016, Interfiction Kassel, Talk @ interfiction XXIII/2016 ZEITMASCHINEN „t͕i̞m̾e͡ hͯa̹c̚k̖s̡ “ Ta 2016, IMI Tübingen, Talk @ Informationsstelle Militarisierung e.V. „War on Error“ Ta 2016, ZKM Karlsruhe, Talk @ 15. Netzwerk-Terrorismusforschung- Workshop „Vom Cyberterrorismus zum digitalen Bilderkrieg“ Ta 2015, Chaos Communication Camp Zehdenick, Talk @ Chaos Communication Camp 2015 „o͈̮p̢ęr̕a͠t̶̨i͟oǹ͓̜a̵l̷ glit̶̨ć̶̛he͝s“ Ta/Wo 2014, arttransponder Berlin, Talk + Workshop „Free Libre Open Source Software _ Glitch Art & code poetry“ Ta/Wo 2012, Akademie der bildenden Künste, München, Different Workshops in Cmd- Line / Programming with & for students Wo 2011, Salong, a selforganized projectspace in Munich, Workshop in Puredyne, GNU/Linux-Live-Distro (operating system) for media-artists @ Salong  _______________________________________________________________________________

organising / directing / curating ... selection: o / d / c 2016, Exhibition AUGE | MENSCH | MASCHINE @ Stadbücherei Aub press article: Mainpost o / d / c 2016, Exhibition Š̷᷂̼̜̍̾͗᷾̾̌͆͘͞ͅY̝͓̥̺̰͍̼ͦ͐͒̍̏̄͜͝N̞̻̘͔̔ͨ̄͗͋̉̆͑́̚͜T̹͖͎͈̬̖̂᷀̐͌ͪ͘̚͢͢A̵̭͍͇ͮ᷀ͥ̈́̂̔͗́̓ͥͅX̭̫̰̌́͒̉̅̿̾͂͏̪͊̑ E̵̸᷿̬̝̼᷉̇᷁͐᷈͌̑ͭ́R̷̵͍̻̹̓̀̒ͯ̌ͫ̌͘͜͜R̵̢̟̦̣͙͍̻͙ͫ͒ͮ̅̓͢O̸͉̙̩̺͍̙̬̪᷀̏̏̓͜͡R̴͇̥̼̭̟ͩ̾̎̈̊̐͠͠͠ @ Greenhouse Berlin (transmediale Vorspiel) press article: BERLINARTLINK o / d 2014 – 2016, Project- and Artistspace »Greenhouse Berlin« o / d 2011, Conference @ Salong in Munich, http://opensourceday.wordpress.com press article: Linux Magazin o / d / c 2006 – 2007, Projectspace / Squat »FO«, Enschede, NL  _______________________________________________________________________________

shows / exhibitions / projects ... selection: AUGE | MENSCH | MASCHINE 2016
How To Make Human Machine Readable 2016
Metropolis, 1927 | 2015
operational glitches 2015
PGPoem #1 2015
articel_5 2015
-ESC- Press [SPACE] to travel in Time 2014
Dieser Verein ist in deinem Land nicht verfügbar 2012
KUNST-WERK-ZEUG | This machine kills ASCIIS 2012
no_p 2011
part_2 2010
...ich weiß ja Lale, Fragmente gibt's eigentlich gar nicht 2010
samstories 2009
...und nur das schießen des Fotos, das ist leben... und das Foto, das ist tot 2008
12.03.08_am-pm 2008
Transforming the solar radiation into sound 2007
FO 2006-2007

______________ 2016, Stadtbücherei Aub, de AUGE | MENSCH | MASCHINE see: https://noparts.org/auge-mensch-maschine/

______________ 2016, Greenhouse, Berlin, de (transmediale Vorspiel) -How To Make Human Machine Readable- [Installation] Before a machine is able to pre-interpret the technical image of man - for me - the respective man has to be made readable for it. Technical images are always produced through the operations of an apparatus: the respective machine. Therefore, I create a distance to the machine through glitches to create a higher awareness. I let the machine itself 'come back into view' through manipulations of it's respective pre-interpretation of man through the technical image itself. "Nobody cares how it works as long as it works." (Matrix Reloaded, 2003) see: https://noparts.org/syntax_error

______________ 2015, DIENTE @ Greenhouse, Berlin, de Metropolis, 1927 | 2015, (cuts from the screening ...) [Installation] glitched Version of »Metropolis«, 1927 (Reconstruction from Found Material in Argentina in 2008)

______________ 2015, UdK, Berlin, de o͈̮p̢ęr̕a͠t̶̨i͟oǹ͓̜a̵l̷ glit̶̨ć̶̛he͝s [Installation] see Projectpage (German): http://noparts.org/operational_glitches/

______________ 2015, DIENTE MORRKIS, Experimental poetry publication | Lesung: Autorenkreis Würzburg (2016)) PGPoem #1 [poem, encrypted] see also: http://noparts.org/pgpoem/

______________ 2015, liebig12, Berlin, de article_5 [Performance] Muscle Accelerator on forearm, Arduino Board, Pure Data ...trying to write in Realtime, while every character gives an electrical feedback to finger muscles Thanx to Pedro Lopes! Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland (GG) vom 23. Mai 1949 (BGBl. I S. 1)

"(1) Jeder hat das Recht, seine Meinung in Wort, Schrift und Bild frei zu äußern und zu verbreiten und sich aus allgemein zugänglichen Quellen ungehindert zu unterrichten. Die Pressefreiheit und die Freiheit der Berichterstattung durch Rundfunk und Film werden gewährleistet. Eine Zensur findet nicht statt."

______________ 2014, okk/raum29, Berlin, de -ESC- Press [SPACE] to travel in Time [Installation/Game by Christian Heck & Agnė Matulevičiūtė] README ...We created this game questioning the role of identity in the digital world. if you can change your IP address using an anonymity-software and appear in a different country without moving your physical body, does that mean you are disappearing? You are leaving digital traces, but it is impossible to track you down in the “real“ world. This game repulses theory of relativity and absorbs time. It suggests you to create your own story.

______________ 2012, Online http://www.kunstvereingoettingen.de/ausstellungen/stephan-dillemuth-christian-heck/
-This institution is not available in your country- [Online-Exhibition] ...with this message, artists Stephan Dillemuth and Christian Heck announce that they are taking control of the website of Kunstverein Göttingen... the website kunstvereingoettingen.de was hijacked to societyoutofcontrol.com for one month ...The intervention of Heck and Dillemuth is a breakdown in the virtual image of the Kunstverein, which will take place gradually over time—a productive disruption in a familiar structure, which is also conceived as an invitation to dialogue. A central feature of this ongoing virtual construction site is a so-called "etherpad-lite", which allows multiple visitors to the site to communicate simultaneously, correct one another, or delete each other’s statements. Participants are invited to engage with each other about the transformation of the public domain and the internet, the nature of the project itself, or the role of the public art institution...

______________ 2012, AdbK, Munich, de   -KUNST-WERK-ZEUG- [presentation of the software tmka & the newspaper kwz] /the/ creation of images regardless of which form changes/;/ /it/ changes our view of a world of our world />>SPACE>>/ whose image everyone is carrying himself/./ ... ...to see some Works, made with the software tmka: tmka-examples

______________ 2011, Akademiegalerie, Munich, de -no_p- [Temporary Media Lab and Exhibition together with Lale Wilan ...And if the house could be the combination of an artificial language, so I extend a language. Not standing in the pages, still lost, not useless, easily broken by slapping tongues in the colors of the possibility of noise. And the moment the food of an artificial language. The life, the moment on the sides is the life, the tragedy. I need to listen, to communicate a language, and ugly is the medium, the perception of viewing...

______________ 2010, AdbK, Munich, de   -part_2- [Installation together with Wona Cho] ...is the second Part of a Research, started in ~june 2009. Part_1: the Poem, -Ich weiß ja Lale, Fragmente gibt's eigentlich gar nicht- is written in german-language part_2 is written in Pure Data

______________ 2010, Online http://siebenzwosechsnull.wordpress.com -ich weiß ja Lale, Fragmente gibt's eigentlich gar nicht- Poem by Sam Puat Download the Poem (91 pages): http://siebenzwosechsnull.wordpress.com/download ... in the field of concrete poetry - the spelling is as a rabble in the face of my counterpart - everything else is aesthetic explanation - the substance of your work is a dialogue - I do not see any connection - it is too short and too abstract - Can we ever talk about experience? - like a grain of sand on the beach with millions of others - And what is a memory? - Read and pray - I like this cow - or a poem, or many poems - it does not follow any real idea ... ...about it

______________ 2009, Online http://samstories.wordpress.com
  -samstories- by Sam Puat ...is not a sequential presentation. By sequential presentation, I mean Monday with all dreams and occurrences noted, then on to Tuesday and so forth. Here Thursday and Friday may be cut in with Monday, or the elaboration of a dream cut in with the dream itself in a grid of past present and future... W.S.Burroughs visual documentation, under: http://samstories.wordpress.com

______________ 2008, ITS, Enschede, nl
...und nur das schießen des Fotos, das ist leben und das Foto, das ist tot [447 S8-Shots, filmed by the Childrens self, digitalized, HD]

______________ 2008, Atelier '93, Hengelo, nl
-12.03.08_am-pm- [1 minute from 16min-2screen-Installation]

______________ 2007, Open-Space, Hengelo & Enschede, nl

                         Transforming the solar radiation into sound [Object placed in different Town Spaces] 

______________ 2006 - 2007, FO, Enschede, nl Squat as Projectroom & Offspace "FO", in Enschede,NL   different exhibitions... Pictures: works by Lale Wilan & Chika Takabayashi